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On Demand Library

Over 100+ On Demand Videos at your fingertips!

Find a replay of every live class (Power Box, Strike&Sculpt, and Specialty Classes), as well as short workout "Body Blasts" to access at any time. All Body Blasts are from 5-25 min, incorporating different equipment and focuses. 

Find each class style organized by Class Title with a breakdown of the specifics for each class (ie length, what is needed, body focus, etc).

Body Blasts (and any specialty classes under 25 min) can be bought for $7 or rented for $5, while classes over 30 can be bought for $15 or rented for $10. The Unlimited On Demand membership and Unlimited Live AND On Demand membership both grant you access to the entire library indefinitely.

*Have a request for a Body Blast or class you would like to see added to On Demand? Let Bri know!

**Additional On Demand videos can be found on Jet Sweat and Class Pass!

On Demand Library: HTML Embed
On Demand Library: HTML Embed
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