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Class Descriptions

BriActive has two main class formats: Power Box and Strike and Sculpt

Power Box is a full hour of HIIT with 6 rounds of shadowboxing and fine tune sculpting exercises in between each round. It will get your heart rate up, blood pumping, and body moving while increasing strength, agility, and overall performance of the body in daily tasks. This class is open to all levels with modifications to be made with each exercise as you go!

Strike&Sculpt is a 35 min barre inspired class designed to strengthen the smaller, underworked muscles in the body. The idea is to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and joints that support the large muscles in the body to prevent injury and increase the mobility in the body for daily movement. Each movement is brought back to how it can relate to strikes and fighters to increase their performance as well.

*This class is booked through Hit House via Jet Sweat. Use code: BRIACTIVE for a one month free trial where you will find access to On Demand videos as well.

Each month there are "Specialized Classes" thrown into the mix with different equipment and focuses as well, so, keep an eye on the schedule or in the On 

Demand library for more!

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